Wood Blinds

Premium wood collection

Made from the finest quality real wood slats,  Real Wood Blinds are available in a wide assortment of Paints, Washes, Stains, and Textures to complement other wood furnishings in your home. The following characteristics describe the distinctive qualities that are common in wood blinds. These characteristics add beauty and provide a more natural and more unique wood blind product.


Grain is the texture or pattern created from the arrangement of the wood fibers. Depending upon the section of tree and the way it was harvested, the grain may be consistent or irregular in direction. Grain patterns and variations accentuate the unique textures and characteristics of the wood fibers.


Mineral deposits occur from environmental influences that affect the growth of the tree.





Knots can take many forms and are bases of branches that were enclosed by new tree growth.





Burls are created when the outer surface of the tree develops in an abnormal manner.